Are you ready to change your life?

My name is Marques Garcia. Thank you for visiting my  page. I have been a fitness coach and a personal trainer for over 20 years. I love what I do as a fitness professional. Throughout the years, I have trained and coached numerous individuals achieve their best, whether to improve their overall health and fitness levels or assist them to accomplish a sport or athletic goal. I specialize in sports specific training, specially endurance sports, triathlons, and all ball sports. I am passionate about running, cycling and triathlons, and I am an endurance athlete.

My background in sports science and familiarity with kinesiology and anatomy gives me an insight of how the body should move and function. As an athlete myself, I am also familiar with sports specific training, and and all types of injuries and how to work around them and/or strengthen the areas affected by them. I am also passionate about expanding my knowledge and continuously search for the best methods to enhance my clients’ experience and speed up their results.

My philosophy in Personal Training is to use all planes of motion to strengthen the body by incorporating muscle groups instead of focusing on training on machines ! Our human bodies are made to move in three planes of motion. I tend to use every joint and body part and create resistance to strengthen those parts involved, and by doing so; you get a stronger, leaner, fitter you! I tend to shun heavy machines and big weights. My focus revolves mainly on using small apparatus, such as BOSU, Medicine, and Swiss balls, Thera bands, dumbbells, and calisthenics/plyometric exercises to elevate your fitness level. Core strength and stabilization is the cornerstone of my fitness training methods, and I tend to mix and change the types of exercises for each client so you will not get bored, nor will you get cold. I detest resting for long periods between sets, and I cannot stand being a trainer who is out of shape; I lead by example.

I will train you in a private studio  for your convenience  and it is perfectly located in the heart of Bellevue, WA, right off the I405 and The I520. It is also equiped with the best equipment necessary for me to whip you into the best shape of your life! Please contact me ONLY if you are ready to sweat.