Marques Garcia, IRONMAN Certified Coach










My name is Marques Garcia. I am an IRONMAN Certified Coach. I am passionate about  transforming athletes into top notch performers through hands-on, real-time coaching , planning and goal setting. I want to elevate, strengthen and share whatever knowledge and experience I have with my athletes. I lead by example and I coach with knowledge and wisdom. Triathlon and endurance sports is about pushing the edge and discovering strengths within, but it has to be done wisely so the athlete can have longevity.  I also specialize in sports specific strength and conditioning, especially endurance sports.  I believe that a true athlete should be a strong, fit athlete.  I work with triathletes of all levels, from sprint distance to full Ironman.

My background in sports science and familiarity with kinesiology and anatomy gives me an insight of how the body should move and function. As an athlete myself,  I am familiar with the amount of physical and mental stress that goes into preparing for races. As a Triathlon Coach, having belief-system is integral in my coaching philosophy. Cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength go and come, but the central pillar to an athlete’s strength emanates from their belief in themselves or lack thereof. My role is to nurture that belief and help grow it and encourage the athletes to believe in themselves and the power that lies within them to achieve any practical goals they may set.